Serial 1

Serial 1, Powered by Harley-Davidson, delivers innovative eBicycles that make every ride an adventure. Get ready to change how you move. This bike will change how you ride

Tern GSD

The Tern GSD is all about versatility, and the range of carrying options has been extended now to cover even more bases. Ride one today!

Commencal Meta Power

The META POWER 29 represents true performance. A monster on technical climbs with a disturbing ability on downhill sections! Definitely a friend of those who go up what they go down. It helps the rider through difficult sections and allows them to find flow where they wouldn’t think it was possible.

Pivot Shuttle

The Shuttle redefined electric assist mountain biking. Sleek, lightweight, capable, beautifully crafted, with the motor and battery seamlessly integrated into its design, the Shuttle ushered in a whole new way of riding.

Orbea Wild FS M-Team

It’s time to get moving. Load up your pack for an afternoon ride and start pedaling. Whatever obstacles exist between you and the trails and your Special Places, it’s time to run over them.