Are you ready to Evolve yourself on two wheels?

Far less expensive than a car. Easier to ride than a standard bike but with the same health benefits, both mentally and physically. Two wheels down the funnest thing you’ll ride on two wheels. It’s your time to Evolve.

How does one Evolve?

Well ya gotta have brains and we can help you get your PhD in EBikes. Swing by the E-Bike 101 page for the low down.

Ready to Evolve?

Our motto is Pedal to the People, which means we will literally deliver you a bike. Check out our awesome electric bike rentals and let us bring you the bike that will Evolve the way you ride.

Let’s Evolve Together

Rad new bikes, cool events, fun stuff to check out…never have FOMO when you follow us on social. Got some questions or just want to know what ice cream we like? Drop us a line and let’s chat.