Q: How do multi-day rentals work? 

A:  A major credit card with a limit that exceeds the purchase price of the bike to cover for any damages or if the bike is not returned. 

Q: How do renters transport the bike(s)?

A: We recommend the One Up Bike Rack system or a tailgate mat. We do offer our One Up or mat for rent. (One Up rental fee: please inquire. tailgate mat: $25)

Q: Can I extend my reservation? 

A: Yes. Only if your bike does not have existing rental. Please pre-arranged 48 hours in advance of your rental. Fees will apply. 

Q: You’re closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, can I still return then? 

A: Please return your rental by 4pm on Sunday. The next available day for return would be Wednesday at 12pm. Fees will apply. 

Q: What does one wear when riding a bike? 

A: Clothing you’re comfortable in. Like jeans, shorts, shirts, yoga (athletic), but most importantly – TENNIS SHOES. 

Q: I’m having fun but only paid for a two hour rental. Can I extend my time? 

A: Yes. Only if the bike does not have an existing rental following your desired time. Just call and we’ll extend your time. Fees will apply. 

Q: Can I just walk in and rent a bike? 

A: Yes, if we have bikes available we will do our best to accommodate you. It’s always best to go on our website and reserve a bike in advance to make sure it’s held for you. 

Q: I rented a bike for someone in my group who doesn’t know how to ride. What’s next? 

A: Unfortunately, that person would not be allowed to rent a bike. If a person shows up and cannot ride, we will have to keep their bike and refund that person’s reservation (minus the two hour minimum fee). Sorry, we’re not willing to risk your safety. 

Q: I went online and reserved a bike but I mixed up the time/date. Can I make changes or come in earlier/later? 

A: That depends. On a date in advance we can make changes. Times in advance we might be able to accommodate. If you want to pick it up earlier than reserved, we might not. Depending on other reservation and/or getting the bike prepped and ready for you. 

Q: How do you rental days work? 

A: On our system a day rental is equal to a single day. For example, you want to rent a bike for a day (Friday), you would pick it up when we open and return it at closing. For a two day rental it would 2 calendar days (Friday – Saturday). Renting a bike over a 24 hour period doesn’t not count as a full day.